“As pastors with never enough time in a day to meet all the needs of all the people, we have been forever grateful to have met and worked with Don & Angie Powers and their powerful team. Whether it be pre-marital couples, couples in real crisis, or those that just need some tools to get to the next level in their marriage, Don & Angie have always served the couples we send them with understanding, confidentiality, and powerful insight. We are so grateful for the ability to work alongside them to reach and help families in our community.”

Ralph & Joanne Hoehne
Lead Pastors – The Source
Soul Healing Love

I greatly appreciated the marriage workshop that Don and Angie Powers with Marriage Works led. My husband and I have been married for 31 years and we were able to communicate about many areas in our past and how those memories affect our current life. We have both been to many encounter weekends where the purpose is to get closer to God, heal past hurts and empower ourselves for a healthy life in Christ. I felt like the workshop gave the same opportunity to heal and grow, except I had my husband with me so we could go through areas of our life together; it was very powerful and helpful!! We are always excited to equip our lives with tools that help us grow closer to Christ and each other and this workshop certainly proved worthy of the time spent with the Powers. I also appreciate how transparent Don and Angie were which really helped us all to open up and in turn deal with past hurts, bad habits, etc. and receive effective tools on how to navigate with real life situations. I really liked the small group style format and the interaction with the facilitators to work on real life solutions that applied specifically to us and the other couples in attendance. I highly recommend this workshop!!

Cathy and Stan Sharek
Administrators- Restoration Fellowship of Bradenton
Point of Impact Sept. 2017

Don and Angie are a refreshingly honest and authentic couple. There delivery was direct but compassionate and relatable. The insights shared were powerful. Everyone knew they were listening to someone with “authority”. Nothing shared was merely academic. Everything had come through the filter of their “experience.” We enjoyed listening and our marriages received the tools necessary to growing deeper in marriage intimacy and satisfaction. I loved the “us” emphasis and know this will bring benefit into my marriage. We had about 8 couples and several singles attend and all really appreciated this ministry. I highly recommend them for every church and every marriage!

Dan and Cathy Groff
Lead Pastors- Restoration Fellowship of Bradenton
Point of Impact Sept. 2017