Crises Coaching

Our organization was founded on the fact that couple-to-couple Marriage Coaching can be more effective than traditional “marriage counseling.” We want you to leave with hope.

We offer Private Sessions for you and your spouse to meet with a REAL married couple, trained in Marriage Coaching. Your Marriage Coach couple has been through their own marital struggles, and come out the other side, better than ever. They understand what you are facing, and are trained to coach you towards the marriage you desire.

Marriage Coaching is extremely effective. We do not play the “blame game.” We listen to the negative, acknowledge how things presently are for you both. However, our focus will then be in “coaching” you both towards creating the marriage relationship you’ve always wanted. Each spouse is responsible for his/her actions and part in creating the type of great marriage desired.

We coach you both in dreaming of the marriage you desire; help you identify the steps/actions needed to get there; we hold each of you responsible for your part in taking those positive actions; we challenge and encourage you all along the way! In between, we’ll teach you new ways to Communicate, Resolve Conflict, and to Listen & Speak in new ways.

Private Marriage Coaching Sessions are made in advance by appointment only. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes and is confidential. Each 90-minute session is valued at $85, however financial assistance is available for those in need.