It made me realize why I act the way I do towards my best friend (my spouse) and how to avoid the way I used to deal with conflict with her. I’m learning to love my wife and believe that she is not the enemy.  If you want more peace, love and joy in your marriage, this is for you! If you want your children to grow up and become the best persons they can be, this is for you!

S.G., Bradenton, FL

The communication tools you learn go beyond marriage into parental, and other family dynamics.

R.M., Spring Hill, FL

This was the best/worst weekend.  I learned things about me I had no idea about.  But, fixing these problems will also help my marriage.  We are at a different place already and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.  Thank you.

Thank You!

I learned how to talk without yelling.

A.B., Palmetto, FL

It opened up my eyes to a better way to communicate with my spouse.

D.B., Palmetto, FL

It has shown me the difference between “what can be” and “what you can let it be.” Be in charge of your marriage, fight for intimacy, be purposeful in your relationship.  This weekend has allowed me to catch a glimpse of what my marriage can be.

J.Y., Sarasota, FL

The HOPE Weekend helped to heal me as an individual, which in turn helped to heal a broken aspect of our marriage.  It has been an incredibly freeing experience!  Thank you so much!

R.Y., Sarasota, FL

I liked how “hands on” it was. We got to practice the communication exercises. It gave us the opportunity to communicate honestly and learn about each other and ourselves

A.L., Palmetto, FL

We can now talk like grown ups, without using “dirty fighting” tactics and without arguing.

J.L., Palmetto, FL

You learn communication skills you can use with anyone.

K. T., Parrish, FL

The experience was more than words can describe. It was life changing.””I came into to this experience with a stranger, I’m leaving with a husband.

K. L., Bradenton, FL

This is for every marriage. Learn better ways to communicate and be able to model it to your children.

R.G., Bradenton, FL

It’s a safe environment.  The instructors are very professional, kind and empathetic. My experience was very positive. This provides a safe environment to communicate some sensitive issues.

S.B., North Port, FL

My wife and I had a serious communication problem in our marriage. In one weekend, we were able to learn many tools to help us open up and not just communicate, but to also appreciate each other in a special way.

K. M., Spring Hill, FL

This is VERY different than “marriage counseling.

D.T., Parrish, FL

This is most likely the BEST put together program in the world to bring couples together, strengthen the marriage and make you a loving couple for the rest of your life.

Nelson Canario, Bradenton, FL

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